Removal of Particulate Material - Media Filters

SMS Screen Filter Series
STS Turbo Screen Filters
STAK Filter

STB Turbo Screen

  • Cooling Tower Filter Systems
  • Industrial Pollution Clean-up WasteWater
  • Irrigation, Golf Course, Agriculture Water Reclamation & Recycle
  • Potable Water
  • Solids Separation
  • Decorative Pools & Ponds
  • Food Processing & Washing
  • Water Parks
  • Commercial Laundry Water
  • Recycle
  • Bus, Truck & Car Wash
A Total System Package

The most popular and efficient filtration systems for the removal of large quantities of particulate material from water are media filters. They remove debris, algae, sand, and silt from large volumes of water at low pressure loss. Service is minimal for there are no moving parts. Back flushing is a quick and efficient method of cleaning. Automatic Back flushing controls reduce system supervision.

Unique Design Assures Best Filtration
  • Vertical tank with Top Inlet & Bottom Outlet for maximum filtration bed depth.
  • Free Flow Two Stage Inlet Distributor
  • Stainless Steel Underdrain (No Plastic)
  • Three Way Hydraulic Backwash Valve
Typical Applications
  • Industrial Process Water & Waste Water
  • Ground Water Remediation
  • Potable Water
  • Irrigation Water
  • Water Recycling
STB Series Turbo Screen
STS Series Turbo Screen
SMS Series


STAK Filter
Screen Filter

94B Series Automatic Backwash Controls Description
The Everfilt line of automatic backwash controllers offer the filter system operator the advantages of fully automated filter system backwashing. Filter system automation will quickly pay for itself by providing substantial savings of labor and by also insuring optimum filter flow conditions.

The 94B series backwash controllers are solid state filter backwash controls capable of operating one master valve and up to twelve backwash valves. The control will initiate a backwash cycle after reaching a predetermined time or by receiving a signal from the pressure differential switch indicating a dirty filter condition.

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