DYNO Filter , Dynamic Cross Flow Membrane or Sieve Filtration

If the process requires membrane or sieve filtration, which would you rather have: high performance or low cost? Now you can have both - with the Solquist™ DYNO Filter

Disk Filters

Membrane Filtration

The dynamic cross flow filtration with the DYNO Filter is a high performance membrane filtration process based on the sheer stress effect. It is designed especially for suspensions with critical separation characteristics like non-Newtonian flow behavior, viscous or thixotrope characteristics, etc. Thickening, washing or clarifying of suspensions is performed in a continuous operation with consistently high throughput rates using micro, ultra, or even nano filtration membranes.

In the DYNO Filter, suspensions are concentrated up to the flow limit in only one filtration cycle. In most cases, the concentrate is as dry as a firm filter cake and the filtrate is crystal-clear. Membranes with pore sizes of 0.001 - 1.0um are used as filter media.

  • Continuous operation
  • Constantly high throughputs
  • Hermetically sealed apparatus
  • Automatic and self cleaning
  • Cooling or heating during the filtration
  • Filtration without air contact
Applications : The most economic results are obtained if the particle diameters are in the range of 0.01um to 200um. This make the DYNO Filter suitable for applications in many industries, and for the separation of many different products:
  • Fine minerals
  • Inorganic pigments
  • Organic pigments
  • Numerous products in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Numerous products in biotechnology

Sieve Filtration

The DYNO filter is also an excellent choice for sieve filtration. It has an outstanding history in applications where a continuous separation of coarse particles from suspensions is required. The fine particles and the mother liquor pass though the sieve medium, while the substantially smaller coarse particles are held back by the sieve. They are transported by sheer stress forces, and discharged as highly concentrated residual suspension.

  • Continuous operation
  • Particles as small as 20um can be sieved
  • High throughputs
  • Can handle high particle concentration in the feed without dilution
  • Automatic concentrating of the separated coarse faction
  • Sieving as high viscosity and thixotrope flow behavior
  • Hermetically sealed apparatus
  • Automated and self cleaning
  • Cooling or heating during the sieving
  • Filtration without air contact
Applications - Examples of typical applications for the sieve filtration with the DYNO filter:
  • White pigments like Ti02, CaCO3, Kaolin, etc.
  • Finest minerals like BaCO3, SiC, BC, etc.
  • Polymeric dispersions
  • Emulsions and dispersions in the food industry, such as chocolate, cocoa butter, mayonnaise, etc.

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